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Hiccupsdude's gameplay for Castle Crashers (X360)

Hiccupsdude played Castle Crashers

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Hiccupsdude said...
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it seems i rant more then i talk about my epic moments on here but i must do it again
i was playing castle crashers on the 6th when i saw a achievement to play win 20 ranked matches so i go ranked play arena and it pairs me with a level 256 guy and im thinking wow hackers gunna beat me but then i cream him easily well the next day im playing mw2 and i get this random invite to a game turned out to be that guy who told me he wanted to play with me later but he had to go to soccer practice so i wait, 4 frickin hours later he pops on and sends the invite he then goes into story mode and goes to beserker and says kill the boss before it hits him so i try it still does after i kill the boss hes like wait your level 21 i thought you where level 256 im like no i was then kicked
i guess its my fault for not asking what we were doing originaly but still who the heck invites someone who beat them to cheat with them? thewitewolf and spartaxspartan apparently
Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Side-Scrolling Combat
Release Date: 27/AUG/08
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